Consideration of SB 371, SB 382, SB 1036, SB 1201, SB 1301 and HB 1164


November 16, 2011
10:00 a.m.
8E-A East Wing

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Senate Bill 371 (D. White) | Bill Summary – Requires retailers to be notified if a tobacco product is removed from the Tobacco Products Directory. Removal of a product from the directory shall take effect in 45 days for the purpose of retail sales.
Senate Bill 382 (Baker) | Bill Summary – Excludes in-state active duty military pay from the local earned income tax.

A06287 – provides that the act shall apply to income taxes levied and collected after 12/31/2011.
Senate Bill 1036 (Vance) | Bill Summary – Changes the date on which local governments can receive liquid fuel tax distributions from April 1 to March 1.
Senate Bill 1201 (Folmer) | Bill Summary – Excludes from inheritance tax the transfer of property from a parent to a child with a disability.

A06261 – amends the definition of “child with a disability” and provides that the act shall apply to the estates of decedents dying on or after the effective date of the act.

Senate Bill 1301 (Williams) | Bill Summary – Authorizes a city of the first class to offer homestead property exclusions under its real estate tax.

A06181 – technical correction to the definition of “board” to account for recent statutory changes.

House Bill 1164 (Godshall) | Bill Summary – Eliminates the expiration date of the organ donor tax credit.