Consideration of SB 704, SB 158, SB 318, SB 320, SB 405, SB 564 and SB 634

Finance Committee Hearing

April 13, 2011
9:30 AM
Room 461 Main Capitol


Senate Bill 704 (Gordner) – Changes the composition of the State Tax Equalization Board by adding the Secretary of Education and the Secretary of Revenue as members.

Bill Summary

Senate Bill 158 (Fontana) – Amends the New Home Construction Local Tax Abatement Act to extend the application deadline.

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Senate Bill 318 (Tomlinson) – Allows a surviving spouse to file a joint personal income tax return for the year in which his or her spouse died.
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Senate Bill 320 (Tomlinson) – Eliminates interest and penalty for underpayment of personal income tax for taxpayers who make estimated payments equal to the taxpayer’s liability in the previous year.

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Senate Bill 405 (Browne) – clarifies the conditions under which a local taxing jurisdiction may levy a mercantile or business privilege tax on gross receipts or on the privilege of doing business within a local taxing jurisdiction.

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Amendment A01147

Senate Bill 564 (Dinniman) – Excludes sales to or use by volunteer firefighters’ relief associations from the sales and use tax.

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Amendment A01481

Senate Bill 634 (Brubaker) – Requires 25% of neighborhood assistance tax credits to be dedicated to charitable food programs.

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Amendment A01416