Finance Committee Senator Scott E. Hutchinson, Chair

Senate Finance Committee Approves Four Bills

The Senate Finance Committee approved four bills today (June 14), according to Committee Chairman Senator Scott Hutchinson (R-21).

Senate Bill 347, relating to like-kind exchanges and introduced by Senator John DiSanto (R-15), would mirror Pennsylvania law to federal, removing a disadvantage Pennsylvania small businesses face when competing with those in other states.

Senate Bill 447, introduced by Senator Michele Brooks (R-50), would reduce the Corporate Net Income Tax by 0.5 percent every year over a period of six years until it reaches 6.99 percent.

Senate Bill 586, introduced by Senator David Argall (R-29) addresses eligibility for the Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program.

House Bill 952, introduced by Representative Donna Oberlander (R-63), converts the current Computer Data Center Equipment Incentive Program from a Sales and Use Tax refund program to a Sales and Use Tax exemption.

The bills now go to the full Senate for consideration.

Click for audio and video of the meeting.

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